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The Kellian Summer Academy &
The Skating School


Kellian Hockey Summer ACADEMY

The Kellian Summer Academy

Welcome to the Kellian Academy, where young athletes embark on a transformative journey to hone their hockey skills and elevate their game to new heights.This innovative program is not just about perfecting techniques but about understanding the intricacies of the game through comprehensive video analysis and personalized training regimen, making it an essential component of our training philosophy.


Summer Academy Program Structure:

Nestled at the core of the Kellian Academy is a carefully crafted curriculum, honing in on the key pillars of hockey: skating, shooting, puck handling and decision making. Yet, what truly distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to video analysis and personalized growth. Each player possesses a unique playing style with distinct strengths and weaknesses. The Kellian Academy prioritizes the development of each player's style, shaping our curriculum accordingly. Recognizing the individual assets of every player, our program leverages video analysis to optimize training routines over time. With a limited number of participants, our training sessions are tailored and efficient. Throughout the program, players will undergo video assessments capturing various aspects of their skating and shooting techniques, including forward strides, crossovers, punch turns, backward transitions, slap shots, one-timers, and snap shots.


Progress Tracking:

Throughout the program, participants' progress is tracked using video analysis. While perfecting skills is important, equally crucial is understanding how these skills translate into game situations. Our assessments provide detailed insights into each player's strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring they're equipped with the knowledge to excel in real-game scenarios.


Individualized Coaching:

Our commitment to individualized coaching extends beyond skill development to include strategic gameplay analysis. Through personalized coaching sessions, participants learn not only how to execute techniques but also how to apply them effectively during game play. I work closely with each player to identify their unique playing style and provide tailored guidance to maximize their potential.



In conclusion, the Kellian Academy offers more than just skill development; it provides a holistic approach to hockey training that prioritizes game analysis as the key to unlocking success on the ice. By understanding how to improve their gameplay, participants not only elevate their performance but also develop a deeper appreciation for the sport.Being a part of the Academy permits for a consistent development sequencing starting from personalized skill work, extending into mentorship through game play analysis. Join me at the Kellian Academy and discover the power of game analysis in transforming your hockey game.



The Kellian Skating School

Arguably, skating is the most important skill a player must possess.  From explosive starts, to efficient strides and technical, evasive maneuvers, we will be diving into it all.  The course is 10 weeks long and offered between the Minors Summer Academy class, and the Majors Summer Academy class permitting players from both sessions to attend. The maximum size of the class will be 24 skaters.  Each week, we will build on fundamental techniques by improving balance and refining higher technical skills with repetition and.... Homework for the player!  I will be issuing weekly homework assignments for players to get out to their local Stick and Puck Session and have a 20 minute, self-driven skating regimen that we would have practiced in the previous class.  I will be offering a player-video-assessment of various skating techniques taken at the beginning and end of the course so that we can track improvement.



The skating school schedule is set up to take place after the Minors Kellian Summer Academy Session and before the Majors Kellian Summer Academy Session so that a player can participate in both programs. To get the best, and most thorough summer training regimen, a player can sign up for both a Summer  Academy spot, and a Skating School spot.

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