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The Key To Elevate Your Skate!
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Video Game Analysis 


Introducing a video analysis offering by Ian Smith for your players using LiveBarn.

Focusing on skill development is just one aspect of fostering a player's growth. Equally important is understanding game strategy. I am excited to announce a new opportunity for a comprehensive game analysis for your child (or yourself!) utilizing LiveBarn. This analysis will provide insights into strengths, weaknesses, and actionable strategies to enhance performance in upcoming games.

Video Game Analysis

How it works:


Comprehensive Gameplay Observation

  • I will thoroughly review your entire gaming session, taking detailed notes on your gameplay.


Tailored Instructional Feedback

  • I will select five impactful 30-second clips from your game and provide insightful commentary to guide your improvement.


Customized YouTube Video

  • Following the analysis, I will compile the clips into a professionally crafted YouTube video. You'll receive a private link to access and review your personalized feedback.


Affordable Pricing

  • A one-game analysis service is priced at $75/game, ensuring you receive valuable insights without breaking the bank.  The value packages are priced: 5 Game package ($70/game), and the 10 game at ($65/game).  The multi packages can be shared between siblings.

Quick Turn Around

  • Expect no more than 2 days to receive your assessment video from submission.


Game analysis sessions that occur during a player's regular season can be conducted as a one time event or by regularly scheduled events, depending on the package to evaluate performance, identify patterns, and strategize for improvement. By understanding their gameplay strengths and weaknesses, participants can make informed decisions to enhance their on-ice performance.  A player can sign up for a 1 game, 5 , 10-game season Video Analysis package.


A Video Analysis will be conducted through Livebarn. The player's game will be analyzed with over-layed commentary and on-screen "ChalkBoard" imaging through downloaded clips from the game. Players who have attended a Summer Academy Course will receive a discounted rate for the game-Analysis package that they choose.

1 Game Video Analysis


5 Games Video Analysis (great value)


10 Games Video Analysis (best value)


Please note that multi-game packages can be shared between siblings

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