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Soft Drag Puck Handling

18U High School
Preseason Skills Clinics

Boys 18U Session

(Stowe Arena). 

Preseason Skill Prep

Dates: Nov 14-17, and Nov 20,21
Times: 6:00am - 7:00am 


Book: 18U Boys Session

Girls 18U Session

(Stowe Arena). 

Preseason Skill Prep

Dates: Nov 13-17, and Nov 20,21
Times: 3:30pm - 4:30pm 


Book: 18U Girls Session

Prepare to for the upcoming hockey season with our Preseason 18U Hockey Skills Session. This intensive program is designed to sharpen your skills, enhance your fitness, and foster a winning mentality. Whether you're a forward looking to improve your shot accuracy or a defenseman working on your agility, this session covers all aspects of the game to ensure you're at your best when the puck drops.

Key Components:

1. Skill Work: Our highly experienced coaching staff will focus on refining your fundamental hockey skills, including puck-handling, passing, and stickhandling. You'll develop the dexterity and precision needed to excel on the ice.

2. High-Tempo Skating: Speed is a game-changer in hockey. We'll dedicate significant time to high-tempo skating drills, helping you improve your acceleration, agility, and overall skating technique. Expect to increase your stride efficiency and maneuverability.

3. Shot Work: Scoring goals is a crucial aspect of the game. Our coaches will work with you on shot accuracy, power, and release. You'll learn different shooting techniques and gain the confidence to unleash your best shots when it counts.

4. Small Area Game Play: Hockey is all about making quick decisions in tight spaces. Engage in small area games that replicate real in-game situations, enhancing your hockey IQ, creativity, and teamwork. Sharpen your ability to read and react to the play.

5. Getting in Shape: Preseason is the perfect time to get in peak physical condition. Our training regimen includes fitness drills that will build strength, endurance, and stamina. You'll be better prepared to handle the demands of a full hockey season.

6. Prepare for the Upcoming Season: This program is specifically designed to help you hit the ice running when the season officially begins. You'll leave the preseason with newfound confidence, improved skills, and the mental fortitude to succeed.

Ages: 18U.  Players entering high school hockey.
Equipment: Full hockey gear required

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