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The Key To Elevate Your Skate!
  • "Our young son continues to have an amazing time with Coach Ian and has drastically improved with Kellian Hockey.  Ian’s hockey background and Masters in Education make him the perfect skills coach for all age groups and experience levels.   He is able to examine a players ability, create drills for those needs and effectively communicate the entire process to each individual player."

Darren Orr, The Orr Hockey Group

  • " Ian is an excellent hockey coach! He has the resume and experience necessary to truly understand the game and how it's played at even the highest levels. The thing that separates him from the rest of the instructors out there is his ability to correctly evaluate a player, break down the areas that need improvement, then effectively communicate to the player how to make changes. His professional teaching background combined with his hockey knowledge ensures that every minute on the ice with him is worthwhile. You could not ask for a better hockey mentor."

Graham Mink, Washington Capitals (NHL)

  • "My younger brother and I worked with Coach Ian for an hour a day for three days in a row this summer. Somehow, in this short amount of time, he was able to analyze my weaknesses and share all of his knowledge around the areas that I really needed it. I have played hockey my entire life and have played for some unbelievable coaches. Regardless, at the end of those three hours I had some brand new skills, and more importantly, a solid understanding of where and when to use them. We also had a ton of fun working with him, and would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Jack ClarnerNH Jr. Monarchs, USPHL

  • Over the years of benefiting from Kellian Hockey, I can see how much of an effect that Ian’s passion for the sport has rubbed off on me. I have always loved playing hockey, dreaming of where I would be in the future, but he has shown me how to enjoy the journey. Ian is great at  teaching kids of any age and he passes on not just cool and exciting new skills, but the drive to try new things and to keep developing. Ian has the talent to analyse players ability and give effective suggestions to finetune player’s skills. Ian is great at making the process of learning fun.  Ian Smith is an amazing coach.  He provides a space where kids develop a love for the sport of ice hockey. 

Allison Walker ,  Rice Prep Hockey,  NAPHA

  • “I highly recommend adult hockey clinics coached by Ian Smith.  His no-nonsense approach to teaching the game was well received by players of all skill levels.  His passion for the game, knowledge of the game and sincere desire to see each adult athlete learn more about the nuances of hockey are immediately felt. The combination of timely instruction and multitudes of opportunities to practice coupled with more than ample game time makes the ninety minutes fly by leaving each player wanting more instruction and eager to return.  If you are an adult hockey player looking to improve your on-ice knowledge of the game, and enjoy a more fast pace of ice hockey then the clinics conducted by Ian Smith are for you. The personnel at Kellian Hockey and Coach Ian are worth every penny.”

Bob Anderson, CEO: 1 Hero Sports .  Participant  and parent to Kellian Midgets Session alumnus

  • Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the Kellian league. It has definitely improved my game.  As far as a clinic, Ian is very good at providing insight and teaching skills that are immediately applicable. I’ve very much appreciated the instruction on player positioning and roles in various situations. The game play is great. In just a few weeks we were definitely playing as team – every player was engaged (no watching the fast guy/girl rush the puck up the ice over and over. 

Doug Eastman , Adult Kellian Instructional Leagues

  • "This league is great!! I'm having so much fun and learning a lot. Ian Smith is a great coach."


Jon Kaplan , Adult Kellian Instructional Leagues

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