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The Key To Elevate Your Skate!
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Skill Video Analysis 


Introducing a skill video analysis offering by Ian Smith for your player.  Send in a video from your Smart Phone, and I will assess your skill.  Using an editing program, I can point out issues and offer solutions.  I will also perform a side-by-side analysis of the exact skill so you can see the differences yourself.  

See below a sample of an analysis of a player's Slap Shot.

Skill Analysis Gif.gif

How it works:


Comprehensive Skill Observation

  • I will thoroughly review your video and look for any and all issues.


Tailored Instructional Feedback

  • I will use an editing program to make comments and on-screen markings for easy understanding.  I will offer corrections to the issues in a step by step method.  Often times, one major correction can solve many minor issues at the same time.  At the end, I will provide a syncronized side by side video of the performed skill versus a professional performing the same skill at the same angle.  


Customized YouTube Video

  • Following the analysis, I will compile the clips into a professionally crafted YouTube video. You'll receive a private link to access and review your personalized feedback.


Affordable Pricing

  • A skill video analysis service is priced at $40 per video.

Quick Turn Around

  • Expect no more than 2 days to receive your assessment video from submission.

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