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Have you ever wondered what those coaches are telling the players on the ice?

At Kellian Hockey, we are committed to improving the experience of playing the game of hockey.  So often, we watch a professional or college level game, or we watch our kids play and we see a team concept, a unit of people all working together to achieve the same goal.


But what are these coaches saying to them?  I WANT TO KNOW TOO!

At the Kellian hockey experience, we offer on-ice instruction and an opportunity to implement those learned skills in a refereed game after the instruction. Players will be encouraged to play one position so as to get the most out of the experience by repetition. 

In the first 30 minutes of each session, we focus on appropriate personal skills and team concepts ranging from defending and breakout of your zone, offensive strategies and odd-man scenarios.  After the skills portion, we play a 60 minute refereed game where we work to implement everything we have learned.  

Once you get a chance to practice a skill or a concept, you then get the opportunity to use it during a game.


"This league is great!! I'm having so much fun and learning a lot. Ian Smith is a great coach."


Jon Kaplan

“I highly recommend adult hockey clinics coached by Ian Smith.  His no-nonsense approach to teaching the game was well received by players of all skill levels.  His passion for the game, knowledge of the game and sincere desire to see each adult athlete learn more about the nuances of hockey are immediately felt. The combination of timely instruction and multitudes of opportunities to practice coupled with more than ample game time makes the ninety minutes fly by leaving each player wanting more instruction and eager to return.  If you are an adult hockey player looking to improve your on-ice knowledge of the game, and enjoy a more fast pace of ice hockey then the clinics conducted by Ian Smith are for you. The personnel at Kellian Hockey and Coach Ian are worth every penny.”

Bob Anderson

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the Kellian league. It has definitely improved my game.  As far as a clinic, Ian is very good at providing insight and teaching skills that are immediately applicable. I’ve very much appreciated the instruction on player positioning and roles in various situations. The game play is great. In just a  few weeks we were definitely playing as team – every player was engaged (no watching the fast guy/girl rush the puck up the ice over and over.)

Doug Eastman

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