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The Key To Elevate Your Skate!

Private Lessons
with Coach Ian
$75 for a 1 hour lesson per player.
Players pay own Ice Fee. 

Multiplayer, 1-hour privates:  $75 (2 players), 3 Players and more ($30 per player) 
Players pay own Ice Fee. 

Learning comes from sequencing and from incrementally changing from old habits.  I can help you work on any skill you request for yourself or your child.  In a lesson, I will assess the players ability, and then create a plan to sequence learning the desired skill/s.  I will also provide "homework" and the ability for the player/parent to self assess.  There are markers and correction points to look for.  

Player pays own Ice Fee 
to the Arena.  Please allow 48 hours, or I need to confirm availability.


Video Game Analysis 


Introducing a video analysis offering by Ian Smith for your players using LiveBarn.

Focusing on skill development is just one aspect of fostering a player's growth. Equally important is understanding game strategy. I am excited to announce a new opportunity for a comprehensive game analysis for your child (or yourself!) utilizing LiveBarn. This analysis will provide insights into strengths, weaknesses, and actionable strategies to enhance performance in upcoming games.

Elite Group:
Learning the Jam Turn
Video Hockey Game Analysis

How it works:


Comprehensive Gameplay Observation

  • I will thoroughly review your entire gaming session, taking detailed notes on your gameplay.


Tailored Instructional Feedback

  • I will select five impactful 30-second clips from your game and provide insightful commentary to guide your improvement.


Customized YouTube Video

  • Following the analysis, I will compile the clips into a professionally crafted YouTube video. You'll receive a private link to access and review your personalized feedback.


Affordable Pricing

  • A game analysis service is priced at $75/game, ensuring you receive valuable insights without breaking the bank.


To schedule your game analysis appointment, please reach out to me via email. Include the date of the game, the rink, the player's jersey color, and the player's number.

"My younger brother and I worked with Coach Ian for an hour a day for three days in a row this summer. Somehow, in this short amount of time, he was able to analyze my weaknesses and share all of his knowledge around the areas that I really needed it. I have played hockey my entire life and have played for some unbelievable coaches. Regardless, at the end of those three hours I had some brand new skills, and more importantly, a solid understanding of where and when to use them. We also had a ton of fun working with him, and would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Jack Clarner,  NH Jr. Monarchs, Middlebury College.

Elite Group:
Puck Control Work
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