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Explosive! And
Advanced Playmaker
Skating, stick handling, shooting summer intensive
Girls and Boys Summer Camps


The Kellian Hockey Explosive! and Advanced Playmaker Summer Camps are geared towards players who want to improve on the different elements of skating, puck control and shooting with a higher, more advanced focus and tempo.  Players will be on the ice for 2 hours per day, Monday-Friday, without the off-ice component.   These camps are meant for players aged 13-15 yrs (boys) and 13-16 yrs (girls). 


With a low coach to camper ratio, each skater will receive a lot of personal attention. The emphasis of this Kellian Hockey summer camp is centered around more advanced skating techniques such as deeper balance, high tempo inside and outside edge control, explosive stops and starts, powerful crossovers and of course, solid forwards and backwards skating. But skating is also done with a puck... so there will be a heavy influence on puck control with many of the exercises and challenges done with a puck so that players will improve their overall stick handling skill. 

The Advanced Playmaker camp will focus on the strategies of game play.  Passing techniques, game concept strategies and Power Play/Penalty kill techniques will be explored in depth.

Both of the Boys groups will have a Bodychecking component embedded during the week. 


For the most complete summer skill training experience, players should attend both the advanced skill training week, followed by the Advanced Playmaker camp.  That way, players will get an awesome opportunity to put their skills to the test during game play.


A typical day at camp... drop your kids off at the rink no later than 30 minutes before your ice time. Morning ice time from 9:00 - 11:00 am everyday. The afternoon session goes from 1:00 - 3:00 pm everyday.  Please pick your kids fifteen minutes after their skate.


The Kellian Hockey philosophy revolves around the idea that depth in fundamental technique encourages creativity. A player will develop their own style over time... so instead of offering an extensive breadth of skills to learn over the week, we focus on key fundamentals, and work on them deeper.

Boys only session: ages 13 through 15 hyears of age. Girls only session: ages 13-16 years of age. Players younger than 13 will be considered with a recommendation from their current coach.


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