Skill Development
Power Skating/Puck Control
and Shooting Clinics


Powerskating/Puck Control Clinic: 


This class is geared towards players who want to improve on the finer elements of skating skills and puck control.  The emphasis of this clinic is centered around working on the finer points of skating and puck control.  All levels of player are welcome... and techniques will be tailored to each person's level.  

We will work on lengthening our stride, generating more power through balance refinement, creating a smoother and more efficient crossover and solidify our backwards skating.  (Ages 11+ to adult, coed)

Shooting Clinic: 

This class is geared to develop your shooting technique.  We start with the fundamentals of the wrist shot and then evolve to the "inside leg" wrist shot, the snap shot, the back hand shot and the slap shot.  We work on balance, technique, power development both stationary and on the move.  The course follows the Adult Powerskating/Puck control clinic and gets you ready for the season!

Full protective equipment is recommended.  No games... just an hour of skill work... with and without a puck.  (Ages 11+ to adult, coed)