Kellian Hockey is a hockey learning opportunity, coached by Ian Smith, where beginner, intermediate and advanced players can elevate their knowledge and skills in the sport through dedicated focused instruction.  The focus of this session is to give high-school aged boys and girls an opportunity to work on specialized skills just before and at the very beginning of their regular team season.  The focus will be stickhandling and shooting skills, skating skills and targeted game concepts.  The cost for the session when paid by check or cash is $150. 

Player Registration Fee: 2018 Kellian Midgets II

  • This fee covers 6 sessions of 75 minutes of instruction.

  • Your fee covers your 6 sessions.  Be sure to plan and make all the sessions.  If you miss a session, you understand that your fee cannot be refunded.  If, however, you sustain an injury that prevents you from playing, the remaining portion of your session fee will be refunded.

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