Kellian Hockey is designed for adults, men or women, who have high-beginner to intermediate level hockey skills.  Most players have an average of 3 to 5 years playing experience.  That's not to say there aren't some vets who come out to learn... we've got all sorts of experience levels.

In one session with Kellian hockey, we will change how you play the game by making you more efficient with the puck, help you be quicker at making decisions, and help you to develop “hockey sense”… All of these changes can be made regardless of the physical skill-set that you come with.  It’s pretty cool.

Our coaches offer on-ice instruction and the opportunity to implement the learned concepts in a refereed game that follows immediately after the instruction. We focus on the conceptual aspects of hockey ranging from personal responsibilities and tactics, to team concepts, which include defending and breaking out of your zone and offensive creativity strategies.  


The Kellian Kick Off Fall Festival is set up for Kellian Hockey Alums.  It is a three game round robin tournament.  Each game will include 20 minutes of instruction, and 65 minutes of refereed playing time.  Everybody involved have engaged in and supported the Kellian Hockey philosophy... and this tournament is a fun start to the hockey season.


Kellian Kick Off Fall Festival Tournament Player Fee

  • This fee covers your tournament entry fee.  Each player is guaranteed 3 games (3 round robin games... two on Saturday, one on Sunday))

  • Your fee covers your 3 games.  Be sure to plan and make all the games.  If you miss a game, you understand that your fee cannot be refunded.  If, however, you sustain an injury that prevents you from playing, the remaining portion of your session fee will be refunded.

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