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Hockey Skills Mastery 
Online Courses for everything Hockey!

Welcome to Hockey Skills Mastery! This is my online encyclopedic project for all things Hockey. The first online course is called: Hockey Skills Mastery: Harnessing the Power of Your Shot. Take a look at the course syllabus, and please feel free to watch a couple of videos to get a sense of what I am offering. This course is packed with tons of revealed secrets about shooting techniques. Get ready for an empowering course that offers a wealth of information and detail, and most importantly my strategy for teaching you how to self-assess.

Still unsure?  Take a peak at more of my skill development videos on my YouTube ChannelThere are many skills videos shown, but not with the development sequencing as the course.  Come back when you are ready!

Self Assessment Strategies found the Hockey Skills Mastery Courses:

Course #1

An In-Depth Guide to Harness the Power of Your Shot
Online Course Syllabus.


  1. Coach Ian Smith.

  2. How this course differs from other courses.

  3. Self Assessment is the Key!

  4. The "Otter" drill sequence.


The Slap Shot.

  1. Introduction to the Slap Shot.

  2. The "Flex" of your stick

  3. Why train the Slap Shot?

  4. Finding your balance.

  5. Drill #1: Finding your balance.

  6. Hand placement and forward blade roll.

  7. Arms and swing plane.

  8. Puck contact location and follow through.

  9. No Muffins!

  10. Drill #2: Stationary "Step-Fire"

  11. Drill #3: Glide into stationary puck.

  12. Drill #4: Feathering your stick.

  13. Drill #5: Feathering and moving.

  14. Drill #6: The Full Clapper!

  15. Using the "Perfect Release Shot Training Aid"

  16. Using the "Perfect Release" off-ice.

  17. Slap Shot Self Assessment Video and Checklist.

  18. Drills for the rink (Slap Shots) (PDF).


The Snap and Wrist Shot

  1. Introduction to the Snap/Wrist Shot

  2. What is the difference between the Snap and Wrist Shot?

  3. The Snap/Wrist Shot Details

  4. What are our hands doing?

  5. Drill #1: Stationary. Isolate your hands.

  6. Drill #2: Step into a stationatry puck.

  7. Drill #3: Isolate your arms with the "Perfect Release Shot Trainer"

  8. What is the deal with the Toe Drag Release?

  9. Drill #4: Stationary Toe Drag release.

  10. Drill #5: Stepping Toe Drag release.

  11. Drill #6: Gliding Toe Drag release.

  12. Drill #7: Moving Toe Drag release using "The Perfect Release"

  13. Snap/Wrist Shot Self Assessment Video and Checklist

  14. Drills for the Rink (Snap/Wrist Shots) PDF


Standard One-Timers

  1. Overview

  2. My favorite rebounder.

  3. Standard One-Timer Introduction.

  4. Standard One-Timer Details.

  5. Standard One-Timer Footwork.

  6. Drill #1: Stationary (Almost), Pull in puck, Fire.

  7. Drill #2: Back up with puck handle, Pull in puck, Fire.

  8. Drill #3: Light rebounder passing (For the timing).

  9. Drill #4 Hard Pass with rebounder placed at Hash Marks.

  10. Drill #5: Hard Pass, Rebounder placed at Tops of the Circles.

  11. Drill #6: Rebounder between Tops of the Circles.& Blue Line

  12. Drill #7: Hard Pass, Rebounder placed at Blue Line.

  13. Snap/Wrist Shot Self Assessment Video and Checklist.

  14. Drills for the Rink (Standard One-Timers) PDF.


Knee Down One-Timers

  1. Introduction to the Knee-Down One-Timer.

  2. The Knee Down One-Timer details

  3. Drill #1: Knee Down One-Timer "Dry-Fire"

  4. Drill #2: Knee Down striking at a stationary puck.

  5. Drill #3: Soft pass into rebounder placed at Hash Marks

  6. Drill #4: Knee Down, High speed pass into rebounder @ Hash Marks

  7. Drill #5: Knee Down, High speed pass using the "Perfect Release"

  8. Knee Down Self Assessment Video and Checklist.

  9. Drills for the Rink (Knee Down One-Timers) PDF.


The Inside Leg Shot

  1. Introduction to the Inside Leg Shot

  2. The Details of the Inside Leg Shot

  3. Details of the Inside Leg Shot: The "Tabletop".

  4. Drill #1: Stationary puck.  Outside to Inside leg "Step-Fire"

  5. Drill #2: Stationary puck.  Glide on Outside Leg, then "Step-Fire"

  6. Drill #3: Here we go... Striding in with the puck.  Take the shot!

  7. Drill #4: The Fun Starts! Crossovers out of the corner.

  8. Drill #5: High Speed. Crossovers around a "defender"

  9. Drill #6: Inside Leg Shot from the "Point".

  10. Drill #7: Developing the "Inside Leg Crunch".

  11. Inside Leg Shot Self Assessment Video and Checklist.

  12. Drills for the Rink (Inside Leg Shot) PDF


The Two-Touch Shot

  1. The "Two Touch" Shot introduction

  2. The Two Touch shot on the Forehand: The Details

  3. Drill #1: Pass into rebounder & receive on forehand. Stationary "Step-Fire" on Inside Leg.

  4. Drill #2: Rebounder on Forehand. Slow glide. Take Two Touch Inside Leg Shot.

  5. Drill #3: Rebounder on Forehand: Higher Speed with Strides

  6. Drill #4: Rebounder on Forehand: Lean into catch.

  7. Two Touch Shot from the Backhand: Introduction

  8. Drill #5: Rebounder. Receive on backhand. "Whack Back at It".

  9. Drill #6: Rebounder. Receive on backhand. Stationary "Step-Fire"

  10. Drill #7: Rebounder. Receive on backhand. Glide in.

  11. Drill #8" Rebounder. Receive on backhand. Lean in & Crunch! Omg.

  12. Two Touch Shot from Your Feet.

  13. Drills for the Rink (Two Touch Shot)


The Backhand Shot

  1. The Backhand Shot Introduction

  2. The Details of the Backhand shot.

  3. Drill #1. The Backhand Shot. Stationary "Step-Fire".

  4. Drill #2: The Backhand Shot. Slow Glide.

  5. Drill #3: The Backhand Shot. Higher Speed "Sweep" or "Snap".

  6. The Cross Body Backhand Roof Snipe.

  7. Backhand Self Asses Checklist.

  8. Drills for the Rink (Backhand Shot)

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