The Key to Elevate Your Skate!

Advancement Keys

The White Key - Look! 

Positioning and Responsibility

Probably the most important thing that improves a player's game is their ability to plan ahead, before they get the ball or puck.  That's in every sport.  Wanted to be faster at making decisions?  Train yourself to look around before you go get the puck, or receive a pass from a teammate.

Here are the fundamental positioning concepts and responsibilities.

Defensive Zone:

  • I am consistently in position in the defensive zone

  • I have one hand on my stick when I am defending

  • I may get beat 1 vs. 1, but I always find who my mark is, and establish my area.

Neutral Zone:

  • I stay in my lane, but I recognize when I need to cross over into another lane.


Offensive Zone:


  • I set myself in appropriate forecheck position 

  • I go to help the puck carrier in the corners

  • I recognize when the high slot is vacant in case we need to back check

  • I back check as soon as I can to my position

  • I hold the blue line by following up the play

  • I shift across the blue line