This session is a little different than the others.  A standard Kellian Hockey session focuses primarily on the conceptual aspect of the game.  That avenue gives players more time to make decisions without having to change their skill set.  The Kellian skills session is about focusing on skills.  

The skill session would focus primarily on three aspects of your game.  

1)  Skating

2)  Stickhandling

3)  Shooting

For 30 minutes, we will work on those different aspects... but target the ones that a player resonates with.  For example... we won't spend time working on a toe-drag when a simple delay or tight turn will improve a player's immediate ability.  None of us are going to the NHL... but targeting certain skills, and then focusing on those will bring faster results than targeting the broad spectrum of possible skills.  The remaining 60 minutes will be a full ice scrimmage.

Kellian Winter Skills 

What is it?