At Kellian Hockey, we are committed to improving the experience of playing the game of hockey.  The biggest asset we have is our mind.  Instead of drilling personal skills with endless repetition, we target your ability to understand why we do what we do on the ice.  In one session with Kellian hockey, we will change how you play the game by making you more efficient with the puck, help you be quicker at making decisions, and help you to develop your “hockey sense”… All of these changes can be made regardless of the physical skill-set that you come with.  It’s pretty cool.

Our coaches offer on-ice instruction and the opportunity to implement the learned concepts in a refereed game that follows immediately after the instruction. We focus on the conceptual aspects of hockey ranging from personal responsibilities and tactics, to team concepts, which include defending and breaking out of your zone and offensive creativity strategies.


Each session progressively builds on the last concept, which creates a well-rounded educational experience. But the secret to improvement comes from our personalized learning platform where each player is able to learn at his or her own rate, and develop the concepts at different nuanced depths.

Kellian adult sessions are designed and geared for adults, men or women, of all levels.  Beginner players must have some skating experience. Most players have an average of 3 to 5 years playing experience.  That's not to say there aren't some vets who come out to learn... we've got all sorts of experience levels.

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