Kellian Hockey Adults

What is it?

At Kellian Hockey, we are committed to improving the experience of playing the game of hockey.  Many of our adults start playing hockey late in life, and generally haven't had the benefits of getting the coaching that the kids get.  So many things to learn.  Kellian Hockey breaks it all down into 2 sets of Key fundamentals.


Concept Keys:

Key #1. LOOK!! (White Stripe)

Key #2. Positioning and Responsibility (Also White Stripe)

Key #3. The 3 Positions:  Pressure, Support and Balance (Orange Stripe)

Key #4. Movement (Green Stripe)

Key #5: Prediction and Anticipation (Red Stripe)

Physical Keys

Key #1: Explosive Starts and Stops

Key #2: Cross Overs (Full and 1/2)

Key #3: Puck Control - front and back pockets

Key #4: WIDE LEGS!!!

Key #5: Stick control (passing/receiving and shooting)

A player first starts with Kellian Hockey by focusing on the 5 conceptual keys. These five fundamental concepts form the base of becoming an effective player who does more than just participate... they become able to contribute.  Much like in a karate class, a player gets a stripe placed on their stick representing the Key they are working on.  As they assimilate the concepts into their game, players advance onto the next stripe once they show to be proficient at the concept.  Thinking about too many things is just too difficult, so we simplify the concepts into a buildable sequence.

A Kellian Hockey session also includes physical skill work; skating, puck control and stick control.  Throughout a session, we will combine the conceptual learning with the physical and work to create an all-around effective player.

Kellian adult sessions are designed and geared for adults, men or women, of all levels, but beginner players must have some skating experience. We will teach you the rest.  Most players have an average of 3 to 5 years playing experience.  That's not to say there aren't some vets who come out to learn... we've got all sorts of experience levels.