Kellian Fundamentals Skating Clinic
Powerskating and Puck Control Clinics


 The Fundamentals Skating and Puck Control Clinics are geared towards adult players who want to improve on the fundamental elements of skating skills and puck control.  The emphasis of the Fundamentals clinic is centered around balance, inside and outside edge control, stops and starts, crossovers and of course, solid forwards and backwards skating. For the players who are already proficient skaters and want to learn about more aggressive skating techniques, please visit the "Kellian Finesse Skating and Puck Control Clinics".

Turns out... we are not going to the Olympics any time soon to play hockey for the US or Canadian national teams.  Sorry... but we're not. What we do want... is to be able to start skating better as soon as possible so that we can be more effective in the adult hockey leagues we play in.  These clinics are geared to help the adult player become more comfortable with the fundamentals of skating AND be able to do it all with a puck.

Full protective equipment is recommended.  No games... just an hour of skill work... with and without a puck.  Adults only, Coed.  Limit 20 skaters.


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