Kellian Conditioning Class 

What is it?

At Kellian Hockey, we are committed to improving the experience of playing the game of hockey.  The biggest asset we have is our mind.  Instead of drilling personal skills with endless repetition, we target your ability to understand why we do what we do on the ice.  In one session with Kellian hockey, we will change how you play the game by making you more efficient with the puck, help you be quicker at making decisions, and help you to develop your “hockey sense”… All of these changes can be made regardless of the physical skill-set that you come with.  It’s pretty cool.  If you to get better... enroll in a Kellian Hockey Session.

However.  Getting into hockey-shape takes time.  And let's face's really hard to push yourself to condition yourself for playing hockey.  It's sprints, stops and starts, lots of crossovers and tight turns.  The Kellian Conditioning class is designed for every skating level.  We will be performing various skating drills with the intent of getting into shape while doing techniques that will improve your overall skating technique (I may even teach some powerskating).  Every drill is appropriate for every skating level.  How hard do you want to push?

This is a drop-in class.  $12 paid to rink staff before you go out (and by paying to to be part of the class, you are accepting the Kellian Hockey Liability Waiver.  50 minutes of skating conditioning.  The drills will all change often to keep it exciting.  Please check the rink, my Facebook or Instagram for the weekly schedule.  There may be a week here and there where I will not be running the class due to conflicts.

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