Kellian Elite Girls
 Skills Development Summer Intensive 

   Summer provides many hockey players the opportunity to play with different teams and players. The Kellian Elite, Girls Summer Skills Development Intensive provides a venue for players to train and play for different coaches and to help develop their game against top players from across Vermont. This intensive is geared for girls who have college hockey or higher levels of play in their sights. They are hungry for elite level skill development and want train with other elite level players. Applicants should either in high school, Prep School, AA or AAA level. Ages: 14 - 19 years.


  We will be focusing on explosive skating techniques, puck control, shot development and game awareness strategy training . We work on explosive edge techniques and strategic balance maneuvers that promote stability in high speed lateral skating. Explosive starts and stops, and effective lateral movement makes up 80% of all the skating a player does on the ice. Along with the powerskating, we target select fundamental puck control techniques that allow a player to quickly transition into performing more advanced moves increasing their ability to be creative and effective. We will also be working on the players shot development with technique refinement and video analysis. We will be using a radar gun, timing gates and other on-ice training tools to encourage players to push themselves to their fullest potential, and be able to engage in self correction.


  The Kellian Elite philosophy revolves around the idea that depth in fundamental technique encourages creativity. A player will develop their own style over time... so instead of offering an extensive breadth of skills to learn over the week, we focus on key fundamentals, and work on them deeper and at higher speeds against other Elite level players. Full protective equipment is required. Jerseys are provided. Girls only Ages 14+, Limit 20 skaters. 

Session 1:  $250. Monday-Friday from 10:00am - 11:30am.

Session 2: $250. Monday-Friday from 1:30pm - 3:00pm.

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