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Body Check Summer Clinic


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Players making the transition from 12U to the body checking level of 14U, often only learn how to do it a few short weeks before their first game. Body checking is an important part of hockey as it is used as a strategic defensive technique.  It takes balance, timing and awareness to give AND receive an effective body check.  Often times, it can be quite intimidating for young players to play with body checking for the first time.

The Kellian Hockey Body Checking Skill Development Clinic is a three day event where players learn how to give and receive/avoid body checks in controlled situations that incrementally develop the body checking technique.  By working on fundamental skating skills, proper timing and understanding the basic purpose of why we use a body check, players will hone their skills and develop their confidence in giving and receiving body checks.  Players will start with balance training, timing and body contact drills.  We will then learn the techniques for proper body checking and progress to game-like situations.  


Give your child the opportunity to become more comfortable with body checking with a week long immersion program. The focus of these ice sessions will be to encourage players to use body checking in small game play to build up their confidence in using the technique strategically as well gaining their confidence in receiving body checks. 

Full protective equipment is expected.  


Jerseys are provided.  Full protective equipment is expected.  $50 non refundable deposit due at booking. $200 due May 1st, and the remainder is due June 1st.  Payments not made in a timely manner may result in the loss of your spot to players on the waitlist.

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